Effective Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol Level


In today’s fast and furious world, where we people do not have enough time to spend on our health, most of the people of the world are facing various kinds of health problems, which are making their lives complicated and unhealthy. The most common problem that people are facing these days is of heart, which happens because of high level of cholesterol. The lifestyle of today’s human is motivating the cholesterol to make their health even worse, which further leads to kidney failure, heart attack and various kinds of other heart diseases. But there is no time late to treat this situation. By making some essential changes in your lifestyle, you can lower the level of cholesterol in your body. Here are some of the helpful tips that may be beneficial for you.

Inspect Your Diet

In various studies, it is found that the amount of cholesterol that the body needs, is made by the body itself. Apart from that, the foods like meat and fish have high amount of cholesterol that enhance the cholesterol level in your body. Added to that, any kind of food that contains fat is the source of cholesterol. While examining the daily diet, make sure that you are not taking more than 35% calories from your food containing fat. You can take 300 mg fat a day. More than this can be harmful for your body and can be the cause of high cholesterol. Apart from that, you have to eat 30 grams of fiber ever day. No matter how, but you have to eat fiber. Apart from keeping your digestive system in proper working format, it helps in keeping the cholesterol level in control.

Eat Fish Not Meat

If you can’t stop eating non-veg, make sure that you are taking fish on the place of meat. Fish includes omega-3 fatty acids that decrease the blood pressure of the body. Several health experts around the world suggest their patients to eat at least two fishes a week. To get the best from a fish food, always grill or bake the fish before eating. Apart from that, you have to remember one thing in your mind that you are not eating more than 2 fishes a week.

Use Olive Oil

In spite of using various kinds of other oils, you should add olive oil in your diet chart. The olive oil contains the essential anti-oxidants that can be helpful in lowering the bad cholesterol level in your body. Most of the diet experts suggest that a person must have 23 grams olive oil every day. It not only balances your diet plan, but also acts as great for your heart and decreases the chance of heart attack.        

Make Small Meals

Eating foods in several small meals is always beneficial. While deciding a perfect diet plan, you should make a plan that has six meals per day. It is helpful in lowering the cholesterol level in your body. Apart from that, it consumes more fat and calories.          


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