How to Make a Healthy Schedule in Office?


Office is a place, where an individual spends most of the time of his day life. Office routine includes: wake up, get ready to office, spend your day time in office, come back and repeat all these things. Although, sitting in front of a computer or staying at the desk for seven to eight hours a day may be against your health but as you have no choice, you have to follow the routine. Latest health research has shown that sitting at the same place for 11 hours and doing the same work decreases three essential years of one’s life. In order to fulfil body’s requirement, it is essential to follow some health tips even you are in office. Apart from exercise, here are some things that can help you maintain your personal health even in office.

Take a Break

It is not possible to work for longer time without taking any break. If you are doing so, believe you are making yourself very sick. Although, office is a place that demands your brain to work, but in order to make your brain work better, it is essential to give him a much needed break. The deadline or a tough task may grab your mental health, but in this case, you have to stay calm and must take a break to prepare yourself for the task. You have to keep one thing in your mind that keeping yourself in stress will not make you positive. Studies have shown that people who take so much stress are not that much creative as compared to them, who take breaks in their office life.

Keep Things around You That Make You Positive   

In order to eliminate stress, it is essential to keep positive things around you. Keep things that energize you and motivate you to do wonders. It can be a picture of something, a plant or fish. Apart from that, you can keep things that may fit your office space and motivate you to carry your work. With these things, you will feel relaxed and it may further help you to do your task effectively.

Drink Water

No matter how busy you are, make sure you are drinking enough water to hydrate you. Apart from keeping you hydrated, water helps to absorb the essential nutrients. Added to that, water helps in losing your extra weight. Sitting for a longer time may add extra fat on your body. So it becomes essential to eliminate that extra weight and this can be possible by water.

Eat Right

To provide the much needed nutrients and calories to your body, it is essential to eat something, but you have to ensure that you are eating the right food. Keep your break room filled with healthy and tasty food that may not only tantalize your sweet tooth but also may make you healthy. Keeping fruit in break room may be beneficial for your health. Make sure you are eating them at proper schedule.