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Sitting at a desk all day, doing paperwork, etc, has been discovered to make you extremely un healthy and gain weight. With so many fads out there, it is hard to tell what actually works. If you need to lose weight fast by summer, there is a diet out there that can help you shed the pounds before summer, not just before the election! The HCG diet plan is an effective way to lose weight quickly. In just a matter of three to six weeks a person can lose anywhere from 4 to 45 pounds or more, depending on their weight loss goals and how quickly they stick to the protocol.

The  human chorionic gonadotropin diet plan was created by a licensed medical doctor, and to this day the best HCG diets (there are several available) are the ones administered by licensed medical professionals who have experience with managing the diet, and who can actually give a prescription for the diet.

With the proper medical guidance, the HCG protocol diet is a great way to shed weight very quickly. There are few diets that can offer the same speed of weight loss as the HCG diet plan, and the ones that can have issues with their safety and methods. This diet plan offers quick results, but it offers those results in a way that does not jeopardize the health of the patient at all.

This is an important distinction between this diet and other diets, and it is one of the main reasons why the HCG diet plan has become much more popular in the past ten years. Other diets have had some negative attention due to dangerous side effects, especially diets that use unnatural supplements. this one uses an all-natural hormone that does not have side effects, making it far safer than crash diets.

HCG makes a very low calorie diet safe

The HCG plan is a very low calorie diet that includes supplementing with the hormone HCG, and the key difference between this diet and other diet plans is the use of the hormone. With the hormone, the diet is safe, because HCG burns up to 2,000 calories per day of abnormal fat.

Other diets do not have this benefit, and other very low calorie diets that try to restrict calories down to a similar level as the HCG diet, (500 to 550 calories per day), will result in a person losing a significant amount of muscle mass, and they will lose fat but they will do so in a dangerous way.

Dr Simeons plan does not result in a dangerous loss of fat, because important structural fat and reserve fat levels are maintained throughout the diet. There is an initial “loading phase”, where fat reserves are restored, and one of the other unique aspects of the HCG diet is that the hormone specifically targets abnormal fat. This is the fat that people want to be rid of, and the same fat that can be seen on parts of the body where it is undesirable.

The Dr. Simeons HCG diet plan is the most effective and proven

The Dr. Simeons HCG diet plan is the most effective protocol that is regularly used by most of the major medical providers that currently offer the diet. This diet plan has been developed over a period of over 60 years, and was first used clinically in the 1950s. The protocol has a very specific food list, and it has shown the most consistent results.

Patients can complete two variations of the diet protocol: one variation lasts approximately three weeks and can burn up to 15 pounds of body fat, the other variation lasts approximately six weeks and can burn up to 40 or more pounds of abnormal body fat.

The key to a successful diet is to buy HCG from the right provider that has real licensed medical professionals on staff. Many HCG diet providers do not offer this important service, and as a result the quality of their diet is far lower than the providers that do have medical professionals on staff.

HCG can only be safely and legally administered through a prescription, and it is important that those who attempt the diet have access to medical guidance if there are questions or safety concerns.


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